But if you don’t like the un-even crunch on top, add bechamel to the baking dish for a smooth top. It consists of fried lamb liver and onions. A spicy soup pot punctuated with delicious river fish. What does it taste like: It is a popular side dish that you can expect in any Armenian food festival. Fish 5. Some add more herbs some less. Riblja čorba. A variety of soups are enjoyed, particularly in the winter. Dhalle is a sour yoghurt drink like the Turkish drink ayran.  Albanians usually have this with a byrek or if you’re eating something spicy then this is your best friend!  You should try the byrek and Dhalle combo.  It’s a match made in heaven! If you’re looking for an Albanian national dish, then this is possibly it!  This is a tasty dish which has been adopted widely around Albania.  The most popular and common way is white cheese with red peppers, tomatoes, onion, a little flour, butter and yoghurt!  Then it’s mixed together and cooked in a clay pot in the oven.  It’s incredibly delicious and one I recommend having!  They have variations which are spicy and one that’s made with liver. Bakllava is the most popular traditional dish among many Albanian … Byrek is an iconic salty Albanian pie (albeit it draws inspiration from Ottoman/Turkish cuisine). Kadaif is a sweet and crispy Albanian dessert which looks like it has hair on top!  It’s also made with filo pastry like Baklava.  It’s simple to make.  The filo pastry is shredded to make it’s strange texture.  It’s very sweet, like a lot of Albanian desserts and contains walnuts with a syrup which makes up most of the dessert. The vegetarian version is the same, but without the lamb. You must try the mussels in Albania if you love seafood.  They are also incredibly affordable, as is all the seafood here. Come and visit. Almost all meat dishes are served with bread and/or rice, as well as some greens. Traditional Albanian food can be described as fresh, healthy and mouth-watering.  The food of Albania has Mediterranean flavours which can be compared to its neighbours in the Balkans. Especially carrots, turnips, parsnips, radish, beet root, celeriac and potatoes make popular side dishes. You can find us on TripAdvisor or Facebook as Salad Farm Saranda. This is a hearty dish usually eaten in the winter to warm up the insides.  It’s made with white cannelloni beans, tomato paste, olive oil and onion.  It’s a simple dish but a staple of traditional Albanian food that you will find just about everywhere. Tave Kosi – Albania’s National Dish. When travelling to Albania I can almost guarantee that you will be surprised about Albanian cuisine.  Albania is not known for its food necessarily, but it should be because it’s delicious. @AnitaHendrieka Site Powered by Pix & Hue. Sultjash is a creamy rice pudding which contains rice (duh), milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon and cardamom.  I find this a nice change to the other Albanian desserts as it’s not as sweet but it’s just sweet enough! All Rights Reserved © 2015 - 2020 | Cookies Policy | Privacy Policy | Website Terms | Questions | Work With Us. If you have been to Greece, then this dish may look similar and it’s because it is!  Japrak is minced lamb, rice, herbs and cooked until tender.  I highly recommend tasting Japrak.Â. Did you know that Albania has the most coffee shops per capita than any other country in the world?  Albanians love coffee.  Going to a café is usually not a 10-minute deal like you might see in the other countries. You can usually get the vegetarian variation (dolma) depending on where you are. Tava e kosit (Lamb with yoghurt) 2. Flea is traditional Albanian food that varies depending on village and region. This dish is like the one above but instead of a head, it made from tripe (the insides).  This Albanian dish is an acquired taste which I have not been able to bring myself to eat.  Just the smell of someone cooking this puts me off eating for the day so it’s safe to say, this dish is not for me – but it might be for you!  Try it and tell me below what you think. You will find lots of fresh salads, lots of meat, white cheese (feta), lots of olive oil and herbs such as oregano in most traditional Albanian food.  The fruit is also something I must mention because to me, it’s the most flavourful.  Most of the products are grown in a garden or farm no more than 30 minutes from you (if you go to the market instead of the supermarket). Flea/ Fli 12. Like coffee, wine is an important part of Albanian cuisine and culture. Riblja čorba (Fisherman’s soup) is exactly what you would expect a broth with such a name to be. It is usually served as a main dish, but can be shared as a side dish as well. So, there was your round-up of the best traditional Albanian food, tell me below which of these delicious Albanian dishes you would love to try and which ones you think you will be avoiding! !  They make a couple of different beers, a light and a dark.  I don’t normally like dark beers but this one I don’t mind, it’s delicious. Nothing fills you up more then one of Albania's most tasty and comforting classic dishes. The Bulgarian Gyuvech is a great tribute to slow-food culture worldwide. This Albanian dessert is another rice-based pudding but with raisins, cinnamon, almonds, cloves, brown sugar and sometimes mutton broth.  It’s a darker dessert and not creamy like Sultjash. Thegutsygourmet.Net. Large white kidney beans (fasulle plaqi) are a typical appetizer or side dish, baked in an earthen pot with tomatoes, onions, peppermint, oregano, bay leaves and black pepper. This dish is a traditional Albanian food from the city of Elbasan. 14. Bakllava. Is being a vegan/vegetarian hard in Albania?  As you can probably tell meat and dairy are a staple to the Albanian diet.  As a vegetarian, you will find traditional Albanian food like fergese, fasule and byrek are your best friend.  You will notice Albanians have a salad with everything so there’s usually good salad options (Greek or country salad is the most popular and always delicious).  Also, grilled vegetables are a staple so there is that option, but you are certainly limited on Albanian dishes. The most popular are veal stew (ferges), roast beef in fermented milk sauce (rosto-misalche-kosi), cabbage rolls (sarma), and sheep pluck stuffed with meat and vegetables (kukurech). This is due to Albanian being a communist country until 1990 and basically disapproving of fast food (except souvlaki!). The vegetarian version (Fergesë e Tiranës me piperka) is made with peppers, tomato, egg, and curd cheese (similar to cottage cheese). Oct 19, 2020 - Explore Sonila Cami's board "Albanian Food" on Pinterest. Another popular vegetable dish is … But you should know there are LOTS of different flavours, combinations and textures to a byrek. Meat dishes are by far the most ubiquitous meal you’ll find in Albania. A filling side dish, fergese was one of our favorite Albanian dishes. But Albanian food is so delicious, you won’t miss fast food! This Albanian spinach and cheese byrek is a great ingredient combination and full of flavour, plus can be made with homemade or ready made filo... Leek pie can be prepared quickly and and tastes great both hot and cold plus, this dish can be served as dinner or lunch. Byrek 9. Of course, you gotta wash the meal down with a beer! This is my favourite seafood to have in Albania.  Believe it or not but I didn’t eat seafood before I moved to Albania so that’s a tribute to how fresh and delicious Albanian seafood is.  You will get the option to have grilled or fried although fried is the best (in my opinion!). Here are 39 traditional Albanian foods you must try! باق الجانبية. Perime Në Scarë (grilled vegetables) 11. An expresso only costs 50 lek at my local coffee shop.  Just like seafood, I didn’t drink coffee before I came to Albania so that’s another testament on how good the coffee is! Sitting down, having an expresso is an art form in Albania.  Many can sit up for hours, drinking coffee, catching up with friends and enjoying life (or the Albanians have told me it’s because they have nothing else to do). Albania Travel Guide for First Timers: Everything You Need to Know! Sarmale with polenta, sour cream and traditional sausages; Photo credit: Nitu Iulian 2. This traditional Albanian food is like a meat stew.  It’s hearty and popular in Albania, something you would find in a typical Albanian home!  Before you turn your nose up at the head part it’s surprisingly delicious! This is a dish which comes from the UNESCO city of Gjirokastër (only an hour from Saranda).  This traditional Albanian food is essentially vegetable risotto balls.  Egg, rice and herbs are mixed together then cooked into deep fried balls.  They are a great compliment to other Albanian dishes, and are especially good with some Salce Kosi or grilled meat. Suggested Read: The 10 Most Beautiful Lakes In Austria For An Exotic Europe Getaway. Traditionally, this recipe uses bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, locally made salted cottage cheese (or feta cheese as a … When you come to Albania you will probably be forced to try raki at some point.  This is a popular drink throughout the Balkans and a very important part of Albanian cuisine.  Usually, it tastes similar depending on what region you are in. Why it's awesome: The texture of a thick, … This is one of the most popular Albanian foods! What it is: Small, dumpling-like noodles, usually served as a side dish to accompany stews and meats. 28.06.2018 - Lakrori një ndër ushqimet e preferuara tek shqiptarët. You will find byrek everywhere here.  It’s a popular breakfast option for Albanians or a great snack on the go. My Albanian Food. and lots of fresh salads.  Vegan restaurants are hard to come by, hopefully in the future that will change!  You may find one in the capital of Tirana. Although this isn’t a traditional Albanian food (this dessert comes from Turkey), it tastes delicious and should be tried while you’re travelling Albania!  Baklava is a sweet dessert with layers of crispy pastry filled with honey, walnuts and many delicious things! What is it: Cooked bulgur (burghul) with tomato paste, vegetables, and paprika, tossed in parsley. Visiting Butrint, Albania: One of Albania’s Best UNESCO Sites, 10 Incredible Cities in Albania to Explore, 11 lessons I learned from living in Albania, Balkan Travel – 25 Best Things to do in Montenegro, 28 of the Most Beautiful New Zealand Beaches, 5 Reasons Wellness Tourism Is the Next Big Trend, Pet-Friendly Road Trip: 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning. Where to eat: Knoedel Manufaktur, Josefstaedter Strasse 89, Vienna. A perfect Bulgarian dish for vegetarians; made of coated fried pepper stuffed with eggs and white cheese. It’s a distilled alcohol made from fruit (usually grapes but it’s made form lots of other fruits too! Expresso is an integral part of Albanian cuisine. Calamari/squid 7. Shrimps 6. A quick to make, firm and dense textured bread with an amazing sweet cake aroma made using just a few simple ingredients. Another tripe inspired dish, kukurec is a grilled form of intestines and liver.  The liver is wrapped in the intestines and then grilled for a grilled meat taste.  I have heard that this Albanian dish is delicious and a favourite with my boyfriend.  I am yet to try it!