Topic: Primer bulb won't stay hard (i.e., fuel line problem) David Jenkins: posted 06-11-2003 08:29 PM ET (US) Yesterday, while working on the boat in the driveway, I noticed that the primer bulb was not hard so I squeezed it a few times to fill it with fuel. Special Offer Price £ Currency Converter. Thread: Replaced Fuel line and bulb and it won't Prime. The fuel inlet needle in the carburetor is stuck open allowing fuel to flow freely into the engine causing your issue. Does the bulb squeeze and stay collapsed or does it just keep squeezing but not filling? Total Saving: £17 (46%) Quantity: Buy Now More Information. Posted - Jul 05 2010 : 01:05:14 . $6.50. The ID of the fuel line is 5/16" (8 mm). Step 3. Fuel Line Filter Primer Bulb Kit For Poulan Weedeater Craftsman Trimmer Blower. However, it is also desirable that you locate it where you can get to it without pulling the seat out. Advertisement #2 06-17-2012, 06:02 PM Jimmy Jig. Joined Sep 1, 2009 Messages 130 Reaction score 0 Points 0. It’s simple, practical, and does the job you need it to. Then, stick your finger on the hose barb. The cut rubber eventually frays and rots and heads on down the line towards the carbs. I have initially replaced the fuel line and bulb twice with no improvement. EPA Fuel Line Kit for All Yamaha and Mercury Engine and Original Mercury Fuel Tank Up to 1998 FO-4285 Five Oceans. Attwood Corporation has been an award-winning leader in engineering, testing, and manufacturing the highest quality marine products for over 100 years. $35.99 . It fits easily in your hand, and pumps fuel quickly. Disconnect the fuel line from the engine side of the bulb. Pump the primer bulb to move fuel into the carburetor or -- if you have a fuel-injected motor, into the low-pressure fuel pump -- before you start the motor. I don't like the idea of mounting one in line as it also gives you 4 more places to let air into the system. Daniel Conti says. (U-STR) Just measure and cut the fuel hose to meet your requirements. For use with portable fuel tanks and outboard engines. the fuel line and primer bulb causing *both* valves to open thus allow fuel to free flow through the bulb. Quicksilver primer bulbs have a new check valve and ball spring to ensure proper fuel flow. Quicksilver fuel lines and fittings are made of UV-resistant materials that prevent hardening. Best Seller. Regarding the standard practices for fuel line rigging in regard to a primer bulb and an external-to-engine canister-type fuel filter, my understanding of where and how to place the filter and primer bulb is based on the recommendation of the fuel filter manufacturer, which in my case is RACOR. The priming lever on the mechanical fuel pump is just too slow. The fuel lines are 1/4" dia. Most small engines will not start if the carburetor is dry. My fuel pump allows fuel to flow through it when the bulb is squeezed, but I've heard that some pumps won't. $9.80. The lower in altitude the better from the standpoint of getting a quick prime of the squeeze bulb. I replaced the bulb and it will not get hard. Join Date Dec 2016 Location Lake St Louis, mo Posts 3,485 Post Thanks / Like Likes (Given) 6235 Likes (Received) 1582 … Fully compatible with Ethanol blended fuels. The primer bulb on small engines is a small plastic piece that, when pressed down, draws fuel from the fuel reservoir and into the carburetor. Select a store to see pricing & availability Diameter (in): 13/16 Inch. Parts Reloaded Primer Bulb - For use with 1/4-5/16 inch I.D. Yep fuel line could have a loose liner and sucking shut. Re: Fuel Filter Before Or After Primer Bulb ... Before the filter. Let go of the primer bulb. Compare. Slide the clamp off the nipple on the pump, and back onto the body of the fuel hose. Thanks in advance! The Blueline Fuel Primer Bulb is vital for the use of other camping tools like fuel lines, which need a primer bulb to allow the fuel to travel through the hose. The fewer breaks you have in lines between the filter and the carbs the better. Outboard Fuel Lines & Fittings. it is a 1993 robalo with twin engines same year 200 hp each. Thread Tools . X 80 Inch: 034390-10LPA: 034390-10LPA - Universal Fuel Line Assembly, 3/8 Inch I.d. $24.99. Fuel Line Squeeze Bulb Safety When replacing engines, the original FireFly squeeze bulb dried out and became very stiff. Same goes for the primer bulb. While workig for a couple of summers as an O/B mechanic you have no idea how many we would replace for sucking in air and/or leaking when the engine wasn't running. Hands up, how many thought otherwise? I use a 15 gallon poly marine fuel tank (Walmart). Meets EPA low permeation mandates soon after that the fuel line bulb collapses. An inline electric pump is more failure prone; and not necessarily bio-diesel compatible (which I do use). Prime Line 13/16 Inch Fuel Primer Bulb Part #: 7-04948 Line: PRI. The carburetor is a part of the engine that mixes fuel and air together to make a combustion. Steering Cylinder Rams; Helm Pumps; Auto Pilot Pumps; Rudder Angle Indicators; Custom MSH-6 3/8 in. they are two cycle engines. Squeeze bulbs are especially crucial since the integral fuel pumping system needs liquid to function. These bulbs prime empty fuel lines so fuel can be brought through the outboard engine’s pumping system and into the engine. It just needs to be tight enough to seal and to stay in place under normal operating circumstances. EPA/CARB Fuel Line Kit for OMC, Johnson & Evinrude, 6 ft x 3/8 inches Hose FO-4281 Five Oceans. The squeeze bulb is a great idea and something that should be on your boat for emergency use when needed. Fuel line varies a lot between manufacturers and some is better than others. I just had an interesting event with air in my diesel system. Premium Heavy Duty 4 mtr Fuel Line And Bulb Outboard Kit. Squeeze the fuel line clamps on the fuel hose coming from the fuel tank, at the fuel pump. fuel line. Rubber bulb in-line primer comes complete with built in check valve. the boat has not been used in two years. Primer bulb is injection molded for strength and durability; Alcohol-resistant, suitable for use with leaded and non-leaded fuels; For easy replacement on any portable fuel line; Double check valve for quick priming and unrestricted flow; Non-corrosive, galvanized hose clamps; $9.99. Premium quality rubber bulb with built in check valve offers superior resistance to U/V, ozone and alcohol enhanced fuel. As I work through the process of evacuating air from the fuel system, it has occurred to me that a squeeze bulb way, way upstream in my fuel system would save a lot of work. I've found similar items for R/C cars put they have 1/16" lines and are way too small. Thinking I should put in the new fuel lines from the bulb to the tank I dont think they have been replaced. For security and peace of mind, pack this fuel primer bulb along with you on your next camping trip. If it collapses, something is blocked prior to the bulb. Steering Cylinder Rams; Helm Pumps; Auto Pilot Pumps; Rudder Angle Indicators; Custom MSH-6 3/8 in. Fuel Line [07-238] - Primer Bulb (7002) For use with 1/4 to 5/16 I.D. Point the arrow skywards as gravity will greatly improve the efficiency of the valves. MOELLER UNIVERSAL FUEL LINE ASSEMBLY (Moeller Manufacturing Co) 034390-10LPA: 034390-10LPA - Universal Fuel Line Assembly, 3/8 Inch I.d. Wallhanger : Join Date: May … Universal Fuel Line And Bulb - 10mm. Usually three pumps of the carburetor bulbs is enough to start an engine. Features. was - $7.28 | 11% OFF. they start and run great. Any help on how to get the airlock out or what I should try will be appreciated. It could also make this a solution that would be more easy to implement out in the field. If it squeezes and squeezes but doesn't fill or collapse, either the check valve in the bulb is bad (or reversed) of there is an air leak somewhere. The fuel bulb is located next to the Racor; it's not touching anything that could cause it to chafe, and IF there were a raging fire in close proximity it would have either cracked the glass filter bowl or burned through a hose as easily as it would have melted the squeeze bulb. X 80 Inch: $54.99: $43.82: In Stock: 034390-10LPA - Universal Fuel Line Assembly, 3/8 Inch I.d. Homeport: Charlotte Harbor, FL : OLD HOUSEBOATER RO# 9099. The primer bulb is a big help when the fuel lines have been disconnected for transporting. $35.99. Sea Foam will not fix this issue. Fuel line does not need to be extremely tight on fittings. the moment i give it all she's got the right engine glass filter runs out of gas. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles 3K Star General * Supporter. I start the car and after a few seconds it will then stall and to get it started again I have to squeeze the priming bulb on the left hand side of the engine to get it started again. Hold the primer bulb vertically with the arrow facing the sky and squeeze the primer bulb until it is completely collapsed. Competitor primer bulbs have an inferior check valve that can stick when it’s closed. Squeeze Bulb Priming Kit; Fuel Fittings; SMX 501 Filter Head Kit; SMX 601 Filter Head Kit; USCG Approved Fuel Lines; Steering Systems. I purchased a NAPA replacement bulb. Remove Advertisements. Delivers up to 60% more output per pump than those of leading competitors. The carburetor must be removed ,disassembled, cleaned and have a carb kit installed. The stall will also occur after a very long idle. The primers on chain saws and etc. 530058709 Primer Bulb Fuel Filter Line Hose For Poulan Craftsman Weed Eater . Steering Hose; Instrumentation & Electrical. Squeeze Bulb Priming Kit; Fuel Fittings; SMX 501 Filter Head Kit ; SMX 601 Filter Head Kit; USCG Approved Fuel Lines; Steering Systems. EPA Universal Marine Nylon Braided Fuel Line Outboard Primer Bulb, 3/8 inches Hose Five Oceans. When you look at the fuel lines leading to the fuel filter and the priming bulb there appears to be air bubbles in the fuel lines. OLD HOUSEBOATER The French fries are cold so we gave you extra. With the arrow pointing to the side where you pulled the hose off. I've found the inline bulb primers for outboard motors, but they are huge and there's really no where to put it on this ATV without it getting snagged on something and torn off. Pump the bulb until it is firm to the touch. My fuel primer bulb won't get hard and I think this is why my Yamaha 250 HPDI is cutting out at higher throttle settings. Steering Hose; Instrumentation & Electrical. Homeport: GULF SHORES AL. Check all the fuel lines for deterioration replace any fuel lines that are hard or rub off black in your hands. I noticed it was much more flaccid than the original. absolute RO# 31985. Anywhere between the fuel tank and the fuel pump. Got a bulb that won't get hard? On the performance side though a restriction is, for the most part, a restriction. The result? I have never had "bad" fuel line, but I have had some that was very difficult to remove from fittings or tore when removing it. Primer Bulb Fuel Filter Line Hose for Craftsman 358794773 944518252 358794760 . A soft bulb after every use of the motor. August 11, 2020 at 10:58 pm. Normally: £33.99. On an early MZ 34 start up, something obstructed the fuel intake and the new squeeze bulb collapsed shutting off the fuel to the engine. Reply. Upgrade older tanks to the latest low-permeation fuel line standards with this fuel line assembly. Best Seller. Equip your boat with the best?this primer bulb will get your fuel flowing while easily exceeding environmental regulations. E. exudedude Well-Known Member. Show Printable Version; Email this Page… 10-07-2019, 08:07 AM #1. hdhntr. Sponsored Links was - $10.98 | 11% OFF. When installed, squeeze bulbs have to be placed at an appropriate height and distance from the fuel tank’s level. Are we clear on this? Prime Line 13/16 Inch Primer Bulb Kit Part #: W188-512 Line: PRI. SRP: £36.99. $5.50 . Can be installed anywhere along fuel line. was - $6.16 | 11% OFF. but when i am going slow.